Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Everglades Adventure

A few days ago I drove out toward the Everglades to photograph the wonderful summer cloud formations. When I saw a good "photo op" I pulled off the highway and found myself at the entrance to an airboat ride concession. The views were magnificent, the manager very friendly, and soon I was set up and painting. I finished about the time a shower came across the sawgrass. When I stopped by the office to thank them I was invited to go along on an airboat ride. What an exhilerating experience it is to soar smoothly across the top of the water, crossing lakes and passing through mangrove tunnels! I will remember that glorious day every time I look at this painting. It is already hanging (though slightly wet) in Dennison-Moran Gallery and can be yours with one phone call to 239-263-0219.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another Chicken

Another chicken from the coop has been transformed onto canvas.

This one is also on ten-inch gallery wrapped canvas. Both fowl are priced at $300. Call Dennison-Moran Gallery at 239-263-0590